2019 Senior Games & Senior Olympics in the U.S.

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For adults ages 50 or better — no matter their skill level, experience, speed (or lack thereof!) — will find challenges, camaraderie, and confidence by participating in multi-sport events called “senior games” or “senior Olympics.” These events combine the excitement of sports and games competition with fellowship and friendships. The focus is on fun and doing the best *you* can!

Dream Big: Start Your Journey Now to Qualify in 2020 for the 2021 National Senior Games

Each year across the Unites States, state and local senior games organizations welcome participants to participate in numerous competitions ranging from archery and bridge to triathlon and volleyball. Some offer unique competitions such as Cowboy Action Shoot!

In 2019, more than 10,000 maturing athletes will travel to the 2019 National Senior Games in Albuquerque, New Mexico in search of national championships and personal glory. They had qualified in their events last year in state qualifying games. Use 2019 as your year to begin your journey to achieve your athletic dreams. Qualifying for the 2021 National Senior Games (to be held in Fort Lauderdale, FL) will begin in 2020.

The vast majority of state and local senior games welcome out-of-state athletes. Some are open to younger athletes, ages 35 through 49 (though qualification for the biennial National Senior Games is only for athletes age 50 or better).  A few may require prior qualification, meaning the senior athlete must meet certain criteria in order to compete.

Use the following list of seniors-only, Olympic-style multi-sport competitions to inspire you to start or renew your journey to improved fitness or sports ability. Make 2019 the year to go beyond your perceived limits. Reach for the stars…and make new friends along the way!

How the Listings are Organized

  • The states are listed in alphabetical order.
  • The first event listed is the state’s qualifying event for the National Senior Games Association’s biennial competition. These are noted as (NSGA).
  • Other local senior games are then listed in alphabetical order. Each listing includes event dates, location, and contact information such as website or phone number.
  • TBD” is used for “To Be Determined” and “TBA” means “To Be Announced” for events with dates, locations, or other information not yet confirmed. Dates and other info will be updated on this page as they either become available or known.

Key Tips

  1. Contact the senior games’ event organizer or sports coordinator directly for the latest information or if you have any questions about the sports’ venues and courses, calendar of events, registration, and lodging, visitor, and travel information.
    • Some states such as Arizona schedule their events in January or February. Visit their websites for info about their 2020 event.
  2. Sign up for their e-newsletters or follow them on Facebook or Twitter to get news or updates. Organizers often have to make change to dates, sports, games, and other event aspects for reasons beyond their control, or at their discretion.
  3. Bookmark this page for future reference. We’ll update this page as we receive information from event organizers and readers like you! Plus, once you participate in one senior games, you’re gonna want to go to more!
  4. Most importantly, go have fun!

Original publication date: May 3, 2019 / Updated: June 23, 2019

State & Local Senior Games


  • Alabama Senior Olympics, Birmingham. To be held in 2020, the next qualifying year for the National Senior Games. ALSeniorOlympics.org. (NSGA)
    • Masters Games of Alabama. MastersGamesAlabama.org
      • Note: Open only to state residents, must be at least 50 years of age, and qualify in one of nine districts to compete in the state games.


  •  Alaska International Senior Games, Aug. 9-18. Fairbanks. AlaskaISG.org (NSGA)



  • Arkansas Senior Olympics, most dates TBA. Little Rock. New website: ARSeniorOlympics.org (NSGA) <– UPDATED
    • Basketball, Mar. 16; cycling, Oct. 4-6; shuffleboard, May 4
    • Note: Volunteer sports event directors and volunteers are needed! Call Greg at 501-321-1441 for more info.



  • Rocky Mountain State Games, July 19-21 & 26-28, greater Colorado Springs. Offering 42 sports & activities to all ages and abilities.
    • Summit County 50+ Winter Games, Feb. 9-11, 2020. Frisco. SummitSeniorCenter.com/winter-games/
      • A perfect event for those who love alpine, Nordic, and skating sports.
    • NOTE: The Rocky Mountain Senior Games has ceased operations per their website, RockyMountainSeniorGames.com, and are passing the baton to the Rocky Mountain State Games.


  • Connecticut Masters’ Games, Apr. 6 – June 25. Greater New Britain area. CTMastersGames.org (NSGA)


  • Delaware Senior Games, various dates in Aug & Sept. Greater Dover area. DelawareSeniorGames.org (NSGA) <– UPDATED
    • Pistol shoot, June 29 & Women’s Softball, Aug. 3

District of Columbia / Washington, D.C.


  • Florida International Senior Games & State Championships, dates TBA. FLSports.com/florida-senior-games/ (NSGA)
    • Greater Fort Lauderdale will host the 2019 & 2020 state championship games in preparation for the 2021 National Senior Games.
    • FISG welcomes out-of-state athletes.
  • Senior games qualifiers (details here):
    • Broward County Senior Games, Oct. 1-31, various locations.
      • The website SeniorGamesBroward.com appears to be broken as of June 26, 2019. <– UPDATE
    • Capital City Senior Games, Mar. 1-11. Tallahassee. talgov.com/seniorgames
    • Charlotte County Fit For Life Senior Games, Mar. 1-31. Englewood. Go to the Fit for Life Senior Games’ web page
    • Cutler Bay Senior Games, Oct. 7-11. Cutlerbay-FL.gov (no info posted as of June 26)
    • Delray Beach Senior Games, Mar. 1-8. Info & contact at City of Delray Beach
    • Destin/Emerald Coast Senior Games, no 2019 dates listed. CityOfDestin.com
    • Gainesville Senior Games, Sept. 13-15 & 20-22. Go to the Gainesville Sports Commission’s events page or call 352-338-9300
    • Golden Age Games, Nov. 2-10, Sanford. SanfordFL.gov or call the Senior Center at 407-688-5129
    • Good Life Games, Feb. 17 – Apr. 13; Oct. 26, Nov. 3 & 4. Clearwater. GoodLifeGames.org
    • Gulf Coast Games for Life, Feb. 2-10. Info at Sarasota County Parks & Recreation website or call 941-861-5000.
    • Heartland Senior Games, Feb. 2-28. DeSoto, Hardee, Highlands, and surrounding counties. Info on South Florida State College’s event page.
    • Forever Fit 50 & Beyond: Jacksonville Senior Games, Sept. 27 – Oct. 5. Go to the City of Jacksonville’s event page (no 2019 info yet).
    • Lake Senior Games, Apr. 1-28. Clermont. LakeSeniorGames.com
    • Lee County Senior Games, Feb. 1 – Mar. 2 & Nov. 2. Fort Myers. LeeGov.com/parks/athletics/senior-games
    • Martin County Senior Games, Oct. 26 – Nov. 3. Stuart. Go to county’s event page (no 2019 info yet).
    • Ormond Beach Senior Games, Oct. 25 – Nov. 2. Contact Linda Dixon at 386-676-3291 or srgamesob@gmail.com
    • Palm Coast & the Flagler Beaches Senior Games, Sept. 7-16. Go to the Palm Coast Senior Games web page.
    • Pensacola Senior Games, Sept. 6-27. Go to the Pensacola Senior Games web page
    • Polk Senior Games, Feb. 29 – Mar. 16, 2020. Bartow. PolkSeniorGames.org
    • Port Orange Senior Games, Mar. 13-24. Go to Port Orange Parks & Recreation
    • South Florida Senior Games, dates TBA. Various locations in greater Miami region. <– UPDATE
      • The original web address, http://mgoevents.com/southfloridaseniorgames/, appears defunct as of June 26.
      • Games open to all residents of Florida and the islands of Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, and Jamaica.
    • Tampa Bay Active Life Games (formerly Tampa Bay Senior Games), Oct. 7-18. HillsboroughCounty.org/seniorgames
    • The Villages Senior Games, Apr. 20-28.  TheVillagesSeniorGames.com
  • Sunshine State Games, a multi-sport competition open to all ages held throughout the year. Individual and team events in various locations. SunshineStateGames.com



  • Hawaii Senior Olympics, various dates. Contact Donna Ching at 808-351-1567 or pickleballpalms@gmail.com for more for info. (NSGA)




  • Indiana State Games. May 16-24 in Evansville. Archery, June 2; golf, June 3; triathlon, June 29; 10K road race, Aug. 3; volleyball & 3×3 basketball, Sept. 7. IndianaStateGames.org (NSGA)
    • Formerly known as the Indiana Senior Games


  • Iowa Summer Senior Games, June 5-9; softball, May 31; cycling, July 13 & 14; triathlon, July 14; 5K & 10K road races, July 20; archery, July 20 & 21. West Des Moines and other cities. IowaSeniorGames.org (NSGA)
    • Eastern Iowa Senior Challenge, Apr. 12-14. Cedar Rapids. Go to the event page
    • Winter Iowa Senior Games, Feb. 22-24. Go to the event page


  • Kansas Senior Games, Sept. 13-22. Topeka. The Kansas Senior Games appears on SunflowerGames.com (NSGA)
    • Note: The Sunflower Games is a multisport festival for Kansas-based amateur athletes of all ages



  •  Louisiana Senior Olympic Games, various locations in Jefferson Parish. lsog1.oRG (NSGA) <– UPDATE
    • Note: Though we didn’t receive a response to our inquiry about their 2019 event, it appears their website is being updated as events and details are confirmed.


  •  Maine Senior Games, various dates June – Oct. Portland. MaineSrGames.org (NSGA)
    • Open to athletes ages 45 years or better but must be 50+ in qualifying years for the National Senior Games.


  •  Maryland Senior Olympics, various dates May – Oct. Greater Baltimore area. MDSeniorOlympics.org (NSGA)


  •  Massachusetts Senior Games, MASeniorGames.org (NSGA)
    • Summer games: various dates May – Sept. & locations
    • Winter games: various date for Nordic skiing, alpine skiing & men’s ice hockey
    • Open to athletes 40 years or better but must be 50+ in qualifying years for the National Senior Games.


  •  Michigan Senior Games, MichiganSeniorOlympics.org (NSGA)
    • Summer Games: Aug. 9-18, greater Rochester area
    • Winter Games: Feb. 6-11, various locations



  •  Mississippi Senior Olympics, Mar. 27 – May 25. Biloxi & other cities. MSSeniorOlym.org (NSGA)


  •  Missouri State Senior Games, June 6-9; triathlon, July 21. Columbia. MOSeniorGames.org (NSGA)




New Hampshire

  • New Hampshire Senior Games, June – Aug. Various locations. NHSeniorGames.org (NSGA)

    • Note: open to track & field athletes ages 35+, other athletes ages 40+, but must be 50+ in qualifying years for the National Senior Games.
    • Formerly known as New Hampshire MasteLars Games and Granite State Senior Games.

New Jersey

New Mexico

  • New Mexico Senior Olympics. NMSeniorOlympics.org (NSGA)
    • Volleyball, softball & 3×3 basketball tourneys set for Aug., Sept., & Nov. respectively.
    • Though no other sports are scheduled with NMSG (who will be hosting the 2019 National Senior Games in Albuquerque), numerous counties offer events in early spring in a variety of sports. Contact the county coordinators listed on this page for more info.

New York

North Carolina

  • North Carolina Senior Games, Sept. 16-22, other sport dates in Oct. & Nov. Various locations. NCSeniorGames.org (NSGA)
    • The state also has lists the numerous local senior games that invite qualifiers to compete in the fall senior games finals in Raleigh.
    • Note: Open only to state residents.

North Dakota




  •  Oregon Senior Games, no games in 2019. (NSGA)


Rhode Island

South Carolina

  • South Carolina Senior Sports Classic, May 8-11 & 17-18. Florence. SCSeniorGames.com (NSGA)

South Dakota


  • Tennessee Senior Olympics, June 21-27. Williamson County. TNSeniorOlympics.com (NSGA)
    • Note: Open only to state residents or those who live within 30 miles from the state border.






West Virginia

  •  West Virginia Senior Sports Classic, May 2-4. Charleston. WVSSC.com (NSGA)



  •  Wyoming Senior Olympics. WYSeniorOlympics.com (NGSA)
    • Summer Games, Aug. 8-10, Cheyenne
    • Winter Games, Feb. 2020 & 2021 dates TBA, Laramie

An Event for Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces

  • National Veterans Golden Age Games, June 5-10, Anchorage, AK
    • The United States Veterans Administration produces this premier senior adaptive rehabilitation program, the only national multi-event sports and recreational seniors’ competition  program designed to improve the quality of life for all older veterans, including those with a wide range of abilities and disabilities.
    • If you served in the U.S. armed forces, then check this out!
Sources: National Senior Games Association, senior games’ websites, & Google search