Bike This: Don’t Blink! You Might Bonk

A Recap of My I-11 Bike Ride Experience On Saturday, July 21, 2018, I joined several of my friends and more than 500 fellow cyclists for the chance to ride on the new Interstate 11 outside Las Vegas … [Read more...]


Watch: 1.4-Mile Hill Climb Cycling Course, Utah Summer Games Call me crazy but I gotta have a goal to keep me motivated to get up and out of bed to hit the gym, attend a group workout, or eat … [Read more...]


Join Me at 2018 Mesquite Senior Games’ Cycling Time Trial

Saddle up, Divas, and join me in Mesquite, Nevada for the three-mile cycling time trial on Saturday, April 7. I bet you can beat my 2016 race time of 15 minutes and 51.7 seconds! That's what I'm … [Read more...]


Countdown to Fall Races

Am I ready for my cycling and race walking races coming up in October? Uh, no. I always feel that way in the weeks and days leading up to events. My biking and walking training hasn't gone the way … [Read more...]


It’s Official: Time for Jitters, Can-do Thinking

Well, I finally got off the fence...though I'm not sure whether to cheer or say "Yikes!" Today I signed up for the Division IV (novice) 5K hill climb and the 20K time trial cycling events at the … [Read more...]