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Who are Slowpoke Divas?

Slowpoke Divas are women ages 50 and better looking to have fun living a healthy, active lifestyle. We love walking, bicycling, strength training, and taking on the challenge of the occasional triathlon.

Color photo of Bonnie Parrish-Kell. Photo by Mandi McDonald

Hi, I’m Bonnie Parrish-Kell

Let me share with you how I got started as what author and runner John Bingham describes as an “adult-onset” athlete. 

As I approached my 50th birthday, I wanted to do something to mark this milestone. After decades as a marketing communications professional stuck at a desk in front of a computer for hours on end, I yearned to be the athlete I always thought I was.

So I chose to do a triathlon. No, not an IRONMAN® triathlon but a simple “sprint distance.” That’s the type where you swim a little ways, bike a ways down the road, and then finish it all off with a short run.

How hard could that be? How much fun would that be?

Little did I know how incredibly life-changing and life-enhancing it would be!

The Journey Begins

My journey from complete newbie to the finish line of the Vancouver Triathlon sprint race in Canada took nine months.

That time was filled with frustration and fun, overcoming self-doubt and impatience, disappointment and delight, and feeling much stronger each month.

Best of all, I met and made so many good friends — we helped each other stay on course and realize our goals.

The following year, I discovered this thing called “senior games” — sports competitions for active adults ages 50 and better — with a national championship event held in a different U.S. city every two years.

I tried a sport called “power walking” and was soon encouraged by a veteran race walker — who had won gold medals at international competitions! — to enter race walk.

So I did.

Before long, I was also cycling in time trials. Then I tried a criterium (it was crazy, but fun). I could try a road race because, given I’m a slowpoke, I really don’t have to worry about riding in a crowded peloton!

Yes, I even did more triathlons!

If I can do all this, so can you — YES, REALLY!

You Are a Slowpoke Diva!

Our bodies change as we age. Menopause is not a disease! Our bodies are simply evolving to a new state of being. Physical activity and good food choices play a critical role in the quality of that new life!

You’re not too old or out-of-shape to walk faster, bike farther, or swim with little fishies in a triathlon! Speed and athletic ability are not requirements!

Who cares if you finish dead last because you walked a 5K run? You got your money’s worth from the event fee! Most importantly, you’re rockin’ and rollin’ toward making life fun and improving your health! 

So join me as a Slowpoke Diva walker, bicyclist, triathlete, or dumbbell around the gym to stay strong and physically mobile. Together we’ll enjoy this journey of fun and fitness!

I’d love to hear your story and your hopes and dreams. Drop me a line or connect with me via Slowpoke Divas on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X or YouTube!


Updated: June 16, 2024