About Us

Who are Slowpoke Divas?

Slowpoke Divas are women primarily over 40, out of shape or over weight who want to fully enjoy living healthfully, being physically active through fitness and sports, and not giving a rat’s tail about what other people think.

Meet Bonnie Parrish-Kell, Publisher & Chief Motivational Diva

I started Slowpoke Divas as a way to share my experiences of being what author John J. Bingham describes as an “adult onset athlete.” You’ll also read my opinions about fitness, sports, healthy living, self-image, and self-care for women.

Most of us women put others first, put ourselves down, feel put upon by the demands of other, or put aside the things we really want to do or experience to better our chances for career advancement or to grow a business. I know. I’ve done just that!

That puts us in a bad place where we are susceptible to depression, isolation, weight gain, or health conditions that can make life miserable.

As we approach, experience or live beyond menopause, our bodies change. Then, it seems to me, one of two things happen. First (and too often), women think they’re now “too old” to run, dance, even play. That’s baloney!

The other that happens is that we expect our maturing bodies to perform and recover as well as when we were in our teens or twenties. I admit it: I wasn’t happy being dead last in every triathlon or 5K race I finished in the first couple of years — not only in my age group, but overall!

I can’t tell you how many times I questioned if I was ever an athlete. It wasn’t until I gave up “performance” and embraced “enjoyment” did I get any better!

It doesn’t help one bit when we see, hear and experience mixed messages from social, cultural, religious, and political sources about what “women of a certain age” can and can’t do, should or shouldn’t do, etc.

I believe that by sharing my experiences, successes, disappointments, doubts, surprises, musings, and opinions about living a healthy, active lifestyle, that women — perhaps like you! — can find and keep the needed motivation and inspiration to start on their journey to a healthier lifestyle while playing the sports or activities they love.

I’d love to hear your story and the hopes and dreams you have for a healthier, more active you. Drop me a line or tweet me!