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Join us maturing women ages 50 and better in having fun living a healthy, active lifestyle through walking, bicycling, strength training, and much more!

ENJOY the journey toward improved fitness and mobility.

Feel the collective ENERGY of this community’s encouragement and support that CELEBRATES the “wins” no matter how big or small.

Get EXCITED about making plans to fulfill goals and ways to celebrate the milestones along the way.

Have FUN busting self-doubts and old myths while experiencing life with zest and new friends near and far!

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A Passion for Living an Active Life

We give each other — and ourselves — permission to DO the fitness, sports, and wellness things that we LOVE, ENJOY or WANT TO TRY!

At Slowpoke Divas, we focus on these activities and connections:


Walking is the most basic of human motion, and one that can be the easiest to do. We love fitness walking and the sports of race walk and power walk to us improve our aerobic fitness, and stay motivated to keep going.


Since the 1880s, the bicycle has been a symbol and a means of women’s freedom of movement. Choose what to ride like a trusty road bike, a trendy e-bike, even a three-wheel trike! Then ride how you want: commuting, fitness, racing, touring, solo or group. The choices are endless!

Strength & Mobility

Staying strong and agile helps with our walking and biking fitness AND is an important factor in living independently for as long as possible. Plus, who doesn’t want to bend down then lift up that cute grand kid or fur baby for a hug!?

Mind Games

By letting go of the limiting beliefs, age-old myths, and unrealistic expectations set by society, advertisers, and even ourselves, we can begin living the active life our hearts desire. Who know the potential that lies within us that will enrich our souls, as well?


From city planners to community activists, we’ll meet the people across the United State who are championing causes to help women and their communities live healthfully and actively. We’ll learn how we can add our voice to that work as well.

Active Women

Meet maturing women just like you who have discovered how to live actively their way, the challenges and opportunities they experienced along their journey, the plans they have for the future, and will share ideas to inspire us to do the same.

“I love that your website is [a] place for seniors to find so much wonderful info…When I go to sporting goods stores or see advertisements there is no one who looks like me…Why do people 50+ not rate? On your site we do. I appreciate that.”

Mykee, a senior games power walker

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