Video: “Race Walking vs. Power Walking: An In-Depth Comparison”

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You’ve probably heard how walking is one of the best ways to lose weight and improve your overall fitness and health. But did you know that race walking and power walking can increase those benefits and stoke your competitive spirit as well!

In this “Race Walking vs. Power Walking: An In-Depth Comparison” video, you’ll learn about these two distinct sports, examine their similarities and the one technical difference critical to racing success. A big thank you to special guests, Marianne and Doug Hamilton, founders of United States Power Walking Association (USPWA) who demonstrate these two styles.

About USPWA and its Founders

Organized in 2017, the United States Power Walking Association advocates for the sport of power walking in recreational fitness and competitive sport for people of all ages. Similar but less technical than race walking, the sport enables:

  • runners and race walkers to continue their competitive efforts when age or physical concerns require a lower-impact activity
  • recreational and fitness walkers to take their efforts to a higher level and enjoy a new challenge of competitive sport

Marianne Hamilton has won multiple gold medals in race walking in senior games competitions in the U.S. At the 2017 World Masters Games in Auckland, New Zealand, she took the bronze medals in the 1500-meter and 5000-meter race walks.

Doug Hamilton is a lifelong athlete in numerous sports including marathons, triathlons and cycling. Having won gold, silver and bronze medals in several sports at senior games competitions in the U.S., he switched from race walking to power walking in 2017. He successfully finished the 2018 Zion Ultra 50K trail marathon, his first-ever such event.

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