Women’s 5K Power Walk Race Results — 2019 National Senior Games

top seven power walkers in the women's 75-79 age group at the 2019 National Senior Games
The top seven power walkers in the women’s 75-79 age group at the 2019 National Senior Games. Photo by Bonnie Parrish-Kell.

More than 100 women ages 50 through 89 challenged themselves and each other in the 5K power walk contests that took place at Balloon Fiesta Park in Albuquerque, NM for the 2019 National Senior Games.

The races started mid-morning under blue skies streaked with wispy clouds. As the day progressed with women’s and men’s races taking place, those gentle clouds grew thick and dark grey. The resulting thunderstorm warning delayed the start of the late afternoon races. Still, the competitors’ levels of excitement and anticipation remained energized, and goals were achieved by day’s end.

Listed here are the complete women’s results for the 5K power walk, first by five-year age group, followed by place, name, state, and finish time:

Women 50-54

1Mandy OwensNM32:57.0
2Vera MinixLA36:31.4
3Angelica JepsenNM38:38.9
4Sarah Beth BombardierVT38:45.1
5Faye BentBA39:59.6
6Sandi ArnoldWY40:31.4
7Sabrina BeckIL41:07.6
8Melissa HadleyCA41:08.3
9Melissa FisherTX42:12.7
10Connie SchwabFL42:17.7
11Gina BufeMO45:03.9

Women 55-59

1Martha McCarterKS34:57.9
2Janet LamoureuxFL35:22.0
3Jayne MilavecNM35:41.3
4Beth RupprechtNC36:39.4
5Nannette JonesOK36:57.3
6Roberta AndersonMI37:07.8
7Jaculin CoyleWI38:48.8
8Mary GardnerMD40:00.7
9Sandra PayneCA40:20.2
10Regina MazzoliNV40:23.0
11Jennifer PetersIL41:00.1
12Catherine PageCA42:09.3
13Lisa FarmerOH42:59.9
14Andrea DenmonTX46:02.9
15Debbie TavarezNM46:13.5
16Sandra VanceTN52:28.2

Women 60-64

1Tamara LewisAR35:46.5
2Michele CowingFL35:47.8
3Ann HegstromIA36:29.4
4Deborah GaughanCA36:55.7
5Janet RattyFL37:00.3
6Marlou RussellCA37:43.9
7Ruth DoyleNM38:02.6
8Janet JonesTX38:03.7
9Cynthia AblesMS38:36.2
10Janet QuinnCO39:18.2
11Cindy SpearsOK39:35.1
12Beverley BecklesBA40:09.0
13Kathleen CraigAL40:54.9
14Bodil LundVA40:59.9
15Tia WilkinsonTX41:05.1
16Dianne WrightVA41:25.1
17Patricia PlaggeNM41:30.4
18Pamela NewberryMA41:31.8
19Mary MoseleyBA41:40.1
20Gretchen BedeauxNM41:49.9
21Kathryn AmackCO42:50.1
22Nancy FalsterTX44:00.3
23Ingrid CummingsIN46:05.5
24Ava LovellNM46:32.9
25Dorie SandovalNM48:55.6
26Patricia StoltenbergIL51:45.8

Women 65-69

1Sandra StapletonSD35:19.5
2Nancy HerringGA35:59.8
3Sue PiechotaNY36:14.4
4Cindy WildmanOH36:34.9
5Linda WalkerUT37:57.1
6Cynthia BeiserNM38:49.7
7Vickie McCombsTX41:10.0
8Mary Bryant MasonGA41:11.9
9Karen StrossOH42:00.5
10Patricia WinieckiCA43:02.3
11Marjorie SpindlerID44:17.0
12Barbara AinsworthAZ44:39.3
13Pamela FinnWA45:30.7
14Melissa MilarDE45:30.7
15Silvia FloresNM46:29.7
16Cynthia TanziRI46:37.4
17Marguriet McFarlingAL46:55.9
18Lea SchoenewaldWY50:00.5
19Roswitha LewkowskiTX50:00.7
20Stella ValdezNM51:43.9
21Winona BegayCO52:21.6

Women 70-74

1Cathy McLeodOH37:46.2
2Carol RolfesTN39:15.6
3Janet DooleyNM39:15.9
4Judith WittVA40:32.6
5Marguerite WatersTN40:48.3
6Sandra OlsonTN43:08.2
7Patricia MaasOH43:29.1
8Margaret ChampionOH44:46.5
9Valerie RogosheskeMN44:51.8
10Judy NarcisseIL46:31.9
11Gloria CrookendaleBA46:32.5
12Susan ThatcherNM47:49.6

Women 75-79

1Princetter LewisMI40:53.9
2Catherine PopellCA40:57.8
3Janice GregoriusVA41:14.8
4Miriam JackobsOH41:49.7
5Kathryn TaylorCT42:04.0
6BJ ThornburgKS42:59.1
7Patricia GrandeRI45:01.5
8Lois HuismanSD45:34.8
9Beverly CramerNM45:44.2
10Anita LayneBA45:48.2
11Ellen DemskyCA46:00.2
12Kathleen WertanenMN48:16.3
13Sally McLeanNM48:36.0

Women 80-84

1Youngja LeeMD42:40.9
2Dolores TorchioNM45:40.9
3Marjorie LarragoiteNM47:10.9
4Luise EastonOH49:33.1

Women 85-89

1Alice MohrMO46:45.3
2Esther FelipeNM58:16.5

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Del “Moon Walker” Moon, NSGA communications & media director, blogs about his journey in power walking at “Moon Walking.” Photo by Bonnie Parrish-Kell.

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