Walk for Fitness & Glory – Results from 2019 National Senior Games

3 women compete in the 5K race walk at the 2019 National Senior Games.
Yoko Eichel (CA – W70), Wendy Clark (CA – W65), and Sandra Hults (FL – W75) compete in the 5K race walk at the 2019 National Senior Games. Photo by Bonnie Parrish-Kell.

Here is your handy resource page for links to my results posts of the women’s race walk and power walk events at the 2019 National Senior Games. I hope you’ll be inspired to get outside and start walking for fitness…and perhaps a bit of glory!

A Few Highlights

Hundreds of women and men took to their start lines in numerous age group-based races in race walk and power walk. Each one — including me — had qualified in a previous state games to be here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Many came for the chance to go for gold, set a personal best, or — like me — savor the moment to participate in once-in-a-lifetime event.

I suspect every athlete prepared the best they could for their race moment. I know I did what I could despite Life and simply being human often thwarting my plans for consistent training and nutritious eating.

While I work on the full recap of my overall National Senior Games’ experience, I do want to share these quick walk highlights:

  • The winner of my age group set a new NSG record!
  • Of the 74 finishers in the 1500 meter race walk, I finished 68th overall, ahead of one in W55, two in W75, one in W80, one in W85, and one in W90 age groups. While I have plenty of room for improvement, I have even more inspiration to just keep going!
  • Comparing my finishing time against those of power walkers I bested one gal in my age group by a nose — only .4 milliseconds — and 15 other women in various age groups.
  • Ten women raced in all four walking races; four women did three of the four races; and six competed in one race walk and one power walk event.
  • One race walker also competed in the 10K cycling time trial! I know because she and her husband parked next to me at the venue and we got to chatting. I love the serendipity of this lifestyle!

I’m also working on the results of the women’s cycling events plus putting together video clips of all the walking and cycling action.

However, Just like my race walking, it takes me time to fully research, fact-check, do follow-up, and edit post-production work.

Stay tuned!

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