Women’s 1500m Race Walk Results — 2019 National Senior Games

Top five women in 1500m race walk, W60 age group, including Shea Darian (second from left) who set a new NSGA record. Photo by Bonnie Parrish-Kell.

The competition took place on Saturday, June 15 at the University of New Mexico track and field stadium. Under sunny skies and warm temperatures, 74 women took to the start line to fulfill their dreams of winning medals, achieving personal bests, or simply reaching the starting line after months of training.

Shea Darian of Arizona, seen above wearing salmon-colored shorts, set a new unofficial record for women 60-64 with a time of 8:31.2. The previous record of 8:37.46 was set in 2007 by Yoko Eichel who took gold in the women’s 70-74 race. Shea’s record time is pending until USA Track & Field, the sanctioning body for race walk, officially certifies the results.

Listed below are the results for each five-year age group by last name, first name, state, and time:

Women 50-54

1OWENS, MandyNM09:20.3
3BARKLEY, DarlyNM11:02.1
4BUFE, GinaMO12:18.7
5MEIERHENRY, MarySD12:46.5
6RAMIREZ, CharleneNM14:03.1

Women 55-59

1DRAELOS, LauraNM08:33.8
3DUPLICHAIN, BarbaraMS08:54.4
4HALEY, SharonFL09:28.3
5McCARTER, MarthaKS09:55.2
6HOWARD, TeresaNC09:59.2
7SMITH, BrendaFL10:02.0
8RUPPRECHT, BethNC10:35.0
9ANDERSON, RobertaMI11:23.6
10SHEPARD, ElisabethCO11:27.9
11COYLE, JaculinWI11:40.4
12GARDNER, MaryMD11:47.3
13ROGERS, GeraldineNY12:46.7
14BEYAL, CherylNC13:55.8
15VANCE, SandraTN16:22.5

Women 60-64

1DARIAN, Shea (New Record*) AZ08:31.2
2SEGELL, KerriNM09:23.0
3HEGSTROM, AnnIA09:57.4
4KINSEY, HelenIN10:01.1
5BRYANT, RebeccaMS10:12.0
6CASON, BarbaraFL10:39.4
7DOYLE, RuthNM10:48.3
8MCPHEE, AnnNM10:54.9
9TONSITS, AmyGA11:14.9
10RUSSELL, MarlouCA11:29.4
11CRAIG, KathleenAL11:59.8
12MORSE-SANCHEZ, JeanNM12:05.2
13GOOD, KatherineVA12:07.6
14HALL, TeresaMD14:17.7
15PARRISH-KELL, BonnieNV15:07.5

Women 65-69

1SWISHER, KarenKS09:07.8
2FIGONE, JoanneCA09:29.5
3FREUND, JoannePA09:35.1
4CLARK, WendyCA10:01.7
5HARSH, M. ANNFL10:02.2
6PIECHOTA, SueNY10:02.3
7MACIAS-HOWARD, AnitaMN10:12.4
8CHAVEZ MYERS, VirginiaNM10:16.2
9HARTMANN, SandraFL10:30.9
10CLARK, MarilynIL10:50.2
11SLICK, KatherineDC10:57.5
12SAFAVI, PatriciaWI11:07.6
13MULLIS-DUBOW, TreniceGA11:27.4
14MCCOY, MaggieKS11:41.1
15FLORES, SilviaNM12:46.3
16MAY, BunnyVA13:38.6

Women 70-74

1EICHEL, YokoCA09:58.6
2ISHAM, AnneNM10:36.8
3MCLEOD, CathyOH11:00.0
4HERMAN, LeslieNM11:00.3
5DOOLEY, JanetNM11:24.4
6BURGESS, ElizabethNM12:05.5
7MEREDITH, SharonTX12:29.7

Women 75-79

1DYAR, CarolCA10:56.1
2BISHOP, MarionWY10:59.6
3GONZALES, DonnaMS11:22.6
4POPELL, CatherineCA11:51.0
5KESSLER, MerrilynnPA12:11.7
6JACKOBS, MiriamOH12:11.7
7HULTS, SandraFL13:42.2
8GRAVES, ClaudiaFL14:02.4
9GREGORY, HazelWA15:18.8
10CRAWLEY, BrendaIL17:13.9

Women 80-84

1LARRAGOITE, MarjorieNM13:23.2
2HODGE, PeggyNC13:33.3
3HALLER, JulieKS15:13.9

Women 85-89

1WAHBA, Grace WI18:34.2

Women 90-94

1KARSTEN, Phyllis CA18:00.0

For results in the men’s 1500m race walk and other sports, visit NSGA.com/results.