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RESULTS: Women’s 1500 Meter Race Walk | 2022 Huntsman World Senior Games

The women’s 1500 meter race walk took place on Tuesday, Oct. 11 in St. George, Utah. Twenty-five women ages 50 or better competed on the track for records, medals, personal bests, and to qualify for the 2023 National Senior Games.

Women’s 1500 Meter Race Walk Results by Age Group


  1. Johanna Flipsen, Canada, 8:31.46 *Age group record (unofficial)!


  1. Martha McCarter, KS, 9:57.79
  2. Susan Geanacou, CA, 11:31.89
  3. Elisabeth Shepard, CO, 11:31.89


  1. Maryanne Daniel, CT, 8:38.76 *Age group record (unofficial)!
  2. Laura Draelos, NM, 9:09.04
  3. Bonnie Parrish-Kell, NV, 15:26.41


  1. Karen Stoyanowski, CA, 9:28.72
  2. Eileen McManus, MO, 10:21.88
  3. Marianne Hamilton, UT, 10:36.73
  4. Janice Kelble, KS, 10:37.58
  5. Margaret Dennis, CA, 11:03.31
  6. Trenice Mullis Dubow, GA, 11:47.68


  1. Marianne Martino, CO, 9:30.32
  2. Joanne Freund, PA, 9:55.57
  3. Carol Wilkinson, CO, 10:27.69
  4. Margaret McCoy, KS, 11:35.99
  5. Mary Gilbert Fort Collins, CO 13:59.56


  1. Yoko Eichel, CA, 10:01.66 *Age group record (unofficial)!
  2. Kathleen Frable, UT, 11:08.95
  3. Patricia Durkin, KS, 11:20.32
  4. Patricia Caldwell, CA, 11:45.04
  5. Karen Butler, CA, 15:47.79


  1. Carol Dyar, CA, 11:09.08 *Age group record (unofficial)!
  2. Kerstin Meyers, CO, 13:31.81

Those race walkers seeking to qualify for the biennial National Senior Games had meet one of two requirements:

  • Place in the top four of their age group, or
  • Finish with a time meeting or exceeding the NSGA’s minimum race walk time for their age group, gender, and distance.

The Huntsman World Senior Games is Utah’s qualifying state games, and sanctioned by the National Senior Games Association.


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Source: Huntsman World Senior Games

Photo by Bonnie Parrish-Kell. Race walkers shown left to right, Laura Draelos and Maryanne Daniel.

The above information was compiled on Oct. 23. The race walk records had not yet been updated for 2022 as of Nov. 8, 2022. [Editor’s note: This page was edited shortly after being published to highlight the overall champion and to fix formatting issues.]

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