Results: 2017 National Senior Games Women’s 5K Cycling Time Trial

After a one-day rain delay, 71 women competed for top honors in the 5K cycling time trial on Wednesday, June 7, 2017. They rode at speeds up to 21.8 miles per hour! The short, out-and-back 3.1-mile … [Read more...]


Cycling Time Trial: A Race for Women of All Abilities, Ages

Are you ready for something fun, something new, and something to challenge your fitness level? I've got just the thing. Dust off your bicycle (or borrow one from a friend), fasten your helmet, start … [Read more...]


Updated: 2016 Women’s Only Bike Rides in the U.S.

How lucky can we be, Divas? I found three more bike rides today while updating my popular 2016 Women's Only Bike Rides blog post. With confirmation of event dates, we now have more than 25 events to … [Read more...]


Dreaming of Sports Glory: World Masters Games & Americas Masters Games

As a kid, I loved watching the Summer Olympic Games. Witnessing the speed, grace and strength of youthful male and female athletes always made me wonder, "What if that were me?" But, as that kid, I … [Read more...]


Imagine how much fun it would be if more Americans rode bicycles to work, shopping, errands, and even vacations instead of driving their cars. Instead of burning fossil fuels, we'd burn calories. … [Read more...]