10 Ways Sugar Affects My Brain and Body

If you're like me, you have favorite go-to sweet treats. My favorites are chocolate cake, Starbucks mocha lattes, and chocolate ice cream. Yeah, I love dark chocolate and only dark chocolate. I gotta … [Read more...]


Why Not? Staying Fit & Active in Our Elder Years

    I often hear people ask why do people do what they do (yes, I'm guilty of this, too). I think a better question to ask is "Why not?" — depending on what those folks are doing, … [Read more...]


Stop with the Insults: Start Celebrating Our Strong Bodies

How do you react when you see yourself in a mirror...naked? Sadly, if you're like me, your brain buzzes with self-directed insults. "Oh my god, I'm so fat," "What an ugly flabby belly," "That's no … [Read more...]


ABC, NBC Refuse to Air Lane Bryant’s #ThisBody TV Commercial

Spotted this trending on Facebook today: According to, the celebrity gossip website, ABC and NBC refuse to air retailer Lane Bryant's new #ThisBody commercial because the spot (shown above) … [Read more...]


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