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“Senior Games Report” Series Debuts on Slowpoke Divas TV

On the Slowpoke Divas TV channel on YouTube, I’m launching a new video series called, “Senior Games Report” [watch the debut episode].

My goal: To make this series your source of news, information, and inspiration about senior games and encourage you to experience the fun and fellowship this community provides!

I will recap the week’s stories and information into bite-sized, need-to-know segments. If you don’t want to take notes while watching the episodes, no problem! You’ll find the video recap – a.k.a. “show notes” – here on Below is recap from Episode 1.

Each episode is expected to cover:

  • The news from National Senior Games Association and updates regarding the 2025 National Senior Games.
  • Updates and competition results from NSGA member state senior games organizations, and
  • Stories about the athletes and participants – all to show you:
    • How much fun this community is for us “active agers”, and
    • To inspire you to explore your own potential in fitness and sport

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A quick remember what I’ve said and written about participating in competitions such as senior games:

  1. Showing up to a start line the “win” because you’ve been putting in the work to improve your fitness and ability.
  2. Crossing the finish line gives you the confidence to keep going (or to keep trying if you don’t)
  3. Celebrating your efforts and accomplishments as well as those of others.

“Senior Games Report” Episode 1 Video Recap / Show Notes

Welcome and introduction by show host Bonnie Parrish-Kell. She gives a broad overview of the National Senior Games Association, its biennial National Senior Games, and explains how “active agers” (people age 50 and better) can participate through their state’s NSGA-member senior games. Her experience has a participant, senior games ambassador, former board member, and current coordinator for two different sports gives her a unique insight into this senior games lifestyle.

While every senior games competition offers a number of individual and team sports, the “Senior Games Report” will focus on these Diva-friendly activities:

  • Race Walk
  • Power Walk
  • Cycling
  • Triathlon
  • Improving Strength (more on this later in the episode)

National Senior Games

Late last year, the NSGA announced the addition of several new sports to its roster, and the final appearance of 3 others.

Race Walk to Make Final Appearance in 2025

  • No specific reason was given for ending race walk
  • However, it’s most likely due to declining participation

Power Walk to Remain an Open Sport in 2025

  • No word yet on Power Walk will become a qualifying sport for 2027 and beyond
  • Any sport or event listed as “Open” means “Sign Up and Show Up,” a term Bonnie likes to use

New Diva-Friendly Sports

The following sports have been added to the offerings at the 2025 National Senior Games. All are considered “open sports” meaning no qualification necessary (“Sign up and show up).


  • Bonnie has shared stories and photos of older women lifting impressive weights (due to their training).
  • It’s Diva-friendly because improving or maintaining our strength and mobility is critical to living long, independent lives.
  • Note: Powerlifting consists of squat, bench press, and deadlift. Contestants must complete each discipline. More info at

1-Mile Road Race

  • This will take place between the 5K and 10K (over the course of 3 days)

Tai Chi

  • Tai Chi is based in the martial arts, and Bonnie is very curious how this will be conducted.
  • Tail Chi is an excellent way for maturing people to improve or maintain stability, mobility, agility, and balance for lifelong independence.

2025 NSG Schedule is Online, Details TBA

The Diva-friendly events listed below are in chronological order:

1-Mile Road Race

  • Friday, July 25
  • Sandwiched between the 5K and 10K races or July 24 & July 26
  • Fast walkers can do this as well!

Walk Races

  • Monday & Tuesday, July 28 & 29


  • Wednesday & Thursday, July 30 & 31
  • Saturday & Sunday, August 3 & 4


  • Friday, August 1
  • The Tri Relay is an “open” sport. SIGN UP AND SHOW UP


  • Saturday & Sunday, August 2 & 3

Details and venues will be announced by next spring (hopefully sooner so travel arrangements can be made).

To find your state games, go to

News from State Games

Arizona Senior Olympics

Organizers announced they’re moving their competition from January to late fall. This will give out-of-area athletes and visitors more rooms to choose from and at lower rates. The weather is great in Phoenix this time of year.

Competition dates: October 26 – November 23

Race dates and other details TBA for:

  • Road cycling
  • Power walk & Race walk
  • Triathlon
  • Powerlifting
  • Tai Chi

Bonnie assumes registration will open soon as event details are confirmed.


Tennessee Senior Olympics

The Tennessee Senior Olympics is the state finals and welcomes those who qualified in their sports at the district level competition.

Tennessee residents who are new to this lifestyle can participate in the state finals without first qualifying at a district competition.

Nearly all competitions are open only to Tennessee residents and those who live within 30 miles of the state line. This year cycling is open to out-of-state participants.

TSO State Finals Information

Walk Races

  • Sunday, June 23
  • 1500-meter Power Walk followed by Race Walk
  • However, walkers will need to choose either Power Walk or Race Walk


  • Saturday, September 21st
  • In Knoxville
  • Choose up to 2 events:
    • 5K time trial
    • 20K road race
    • 40K road race will be 37.3 for route and safety reasons
  • Open to out-of-state cyclists
  • Medals awarded according to actual finish
    • NOT separated by in-state and out-of-state

No triathlon scheduled


Oregon Senior Games

The Oregon Senior Games is already underway.


  • Took place on Sunday, April 21
  • A 15.6-mile loop course
  • Part of the Chilly Crow Time Trial Series #3 in Eugene
  • Official results haven’t been posted yet on the OSG website
  • On Oregon Bicycle Racing Association’s results page:
    • 3 women competed and qualified for next year’s National Senior Games:
      • Women 60-69
        • Lisa Bowerman finished in 46 minutes, 49 seconds
        • Laura Johnson took silver in 50 minutes, 4 seconds
      • Women 70+
        • Kitt Pratt took gold in 50 minutes, 51 seconds


  • Sunday, June 9
  • Part of the “Best in the West Triathlon Festival” at Lewis Creek Park in Foster, northeast of Eugene

Walk Races

  • Saturday, August 10
    • Race walk at 9 a.m.
    • Power walk at 10:40 a.m.
  • 1500 meters is the only distance offered
  • Oregon State University in Corvallis


Maryland Senior Olympics

Offering 32 sports this year including disc golf and powerlifting


  • May 1 – 10K time trial
    • Results haven’t been posted yet
  • June 5 – 5K time trial
  • Both in Davidsonville


  • Sunday, June 2
  • 750-meter open water swim, 15-mile bike & 5K run
  • A part of the “Rock Hall Triathlon Festival” in Rock Hall


  • Sunday, July 14
  • Location in Silver Spring

Walk Races

  • Saturday & Sunday, August 3 & 4
  • Race Walk – 1500 meters
  • Power Walk – 1500 meters & 5K
  • Precision Walk – 1 mile
    • You tell them the time you will walk a mile. Medals awarded based on the closest finish to submitted time
    • Not a National Senior Games event


Indiana State Games

Their name doesn’t include “Senior” because they’re now welcoming active adults ages 40 and better

Walk Races

  • Saturday, June 8
  • Race Walk
    • 1500 meters at 8 a.m.
    • 5K about 11:30 a.m.
  • Power Walk immediately follows those races
  • Takes place in Newburgh


  • Sunday, June 9 – 5K time trial & 40K road race
  • Monday, June 10 – 10K time trial & 20K road race
  • Takes place in Mount Vernon


  • Consists of Bench Press, Deadlift & Squat
    • Offering an optional “Strict Arm Curl” event
  • Sunday, June 9
  • Takes place in Evansville

No triathlon scheduled



Minnesota Senior Games

15 sports take place August 15 through 18 in the St. Cloud area


  • Thursday, August 15 – 10K time trial & 20K road race
  • Friday, August 16 – 5K time trial & 40K road race
  • Location TBA

Race Walk & Power Walk

  • Saturday, August 17 – 5K & 1500 meters
  • Sauk Rapids Middle School in Sauk Rapids

No triathlon scheduled


Ohio Senior Olympics

Registration just opened up this past week


Sunday, August 11th in Cedarville

  • 5K & 10K time trials
  • 20K road race will increase to a 25K due to route and safety reasons

Walk Races

Saturday, June 15 in Westerville

  • 1500 meters only for
    • Power Walk
    • Race Walk

According to the schedule posted in Track & Field, the walks will take place AFTER all the running events.

No triathlon scheduled


Alaska International Senior Games

Registration just opened last week. The fun takes place in Fairbanks.

Power Walk

  • Sunday, August 4
  • 1500-meter distance only
    • Remember, power walk is open sport at Nationals


  • Saturday, August 10
  • University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • Choose the 5K time trial or the 10K time trial


  • Sunday, August 11
  • University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • 400-yard pool swim, 20K bike & 5k run/walk


Preview of Upcoming Videos

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Bonnie also has 3 upcoming, in-depth videos:

  • The National Senior Games – its mission, how it works, and how you can play, too
  • Huntsman World Senior Games in Utah – offering all the Diva-favorite sports, new experiences, and natural splendor
  • Nevada Senior Games – deep dives into triathlon and the 5K/10K road runs, and experiencing a cool side of Las Vegas