VIDEO: What’s Inside My Hot Chocolate Virtual 5K Swag Bag?

Let me show you what’s inside my 2020 Allstate Hot Chocolate Virtual 5K swag bag via my video on Slowpoke Divas TV channel on YouTube. SPOILER ALERT: Yep, I earned the cool finisher medal!

For me, finisher medals are tangible reminders of the work I did to get to the start line, and then persevere through a tough course and tougher thoughts to reach the finish line. While a virtual race certainly doesn’t have an inflatable arch to mark the start/finish point, I still had to select my course, where to start, and where to finish (hint: close to the car! LOL). The workout I did to “earn” this finisher medal was an effort because I’m still on the road back to fitness and pre-pandemic weight levels (sadly, I think the journey to the latter goal will be a tad longer).

The other items in a swag bag will also remind me of my accomplishments in ways a finisher medal can’t. For instance Goddess Race organizers often provide commemorative charms and necklaces. These are much more comfortable to wear than a chunk of medal that’s better suited to hang on the wall.

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Thanks for watching!