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Let’s Get Moving 30-Day Walk/Bike Challenge

Get ready for the first in a series of fun, Slowpoke Diva-friendly challenges designed to help you get moving! It’s completely free, and is done at your pace and schedule.

How the 30-Day Walk/Bike Challenge Works

Our goal is to kick start the healthy habit of daily movement, and this challenge uses walking and bike riding to accomplish that.

Every day we will either:

  • Walk at least 10 minutes, or
  • Bike at least 20 minutes, or
  • Walk 10+ minutes one or more days, and bike 20+ minutes the other days

Yep, that’s it! You choose how and where you’ll walk or ride. Feel free to mix it up, too! Remember, we’re staying focused on our goal – developing the habit of moving every day.

example of daily walk and bike workouts
Examples and ideas of how you can tailor this challenge.

How to Start

Haven’t been active for a while? Then start off nice and easy. You can pick up the pace a little each week, or keep it at a steady stroll.

Have you been walking or biking pretty regularly, say, a few days a week? Great! Now add a walk or ride to those “off” days. You might want to go at an easier pace overall for the first couple of weeks because you’re adding more days of movement. You do not have to do a walk and ride the same day. This is an easy challenge!

Yes, you can adjust your pace or effort if this plan feels “too easy” but only to keep your motivation up! Our goal in September is to establish a habit. We don’t want pain or injury to hamper our efforts or dampen our enthusiasm!

Handy Tips

  • It’s important to warm up and cool down for a few minutes before and after your walk or ride. That’s to keep our bodies loose and flexible. Check out these hip-opening movements in this Silver Sneakers video. I use many of the techniques myself.
  • When my feet start feeling tight, I use a golf ball or used tennis ball to loosen them. Roll the bottom of your foot around on a golf ball or well-used tennis ball – this works whether you’re standing or sitting. After a few minutes, my feet feel so good!

Disclaimer: Before starting or resuming any fitness routine, be sure to first check with your healthcare provider to ensure the program fits your needs.

Sharing Our Journey Together

How I’ll Share My Walk/Bike with You

Yes, I’m doing this challenge with you as well! It’s been months since I’ve done anything. Now, I feel I’ve recovered fully from COVID-19 and I’m ready to walk and ride.

  • Each day, I’ll post whether I completed walk or ride on Slowpoke Divas’ Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Each week, I’ll check in with you via Facebook Live from the Slowpoke Divas’ page. Watch for the scheduled date and time each week.
  • From time to time, I’ll also do remote Facebook Lives from wherever I’m walking or biking just to say “Hey!” and chat for a couple minutes or so.

Walk or Bike with Me in Vegas

Divas, you’re welcome to join me for a socially-distant walk or ride here in the Las Vegas area! I’ll post the meetup details in the ladies’-only Slowpoke Divas’ private Facebook group in plenty of time for you to make plans to join me.

Share Your Walk, Ride & Thoughts

We Divas would love to share in your experiences as well. Here’s how to share your photos and stories:

Together, we can help each other form good daily habit, and have fun along the way.

Have questions? Let me know!