2018 Huntsman World Senior Games Triathlon Results

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The 2018 Huntsman World Senior Games triathlon, a competition for men, women, and relay teams ages 50 or better, was held on Saturday, Oct. 13 in St. George, Utah.

The race started with a 450-meter outdoor pool swim at Summit Athletic Club, followed by a 20K (12.5-mile) bike, and finished with a 5K (3.1-mile) run/walk. Of the 47 women who signed up for the individual competition, 37 toed the start line and crossed the finish — many to earn medals or ribbons. All who completed the triathlon qualified for the 2019 National Senior Games held next June in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The four women’s relay teams competed as well as a number of men’s and mixed teams. Next year at the national games, the triathlon relay will be an “open” sport, meaning no qualification is necessary to enter and compete.

Many of the women listed below in bold type competed earlier in the week in the four-day Cycling competition (5K hill climb, 20K or 40K time trial, criterium, and 50K or 37K road race).

Action and award photos will be posted as they become available. Results source: Huntsman World Senior Games

Women — Individual Results

Women 50-54

  1. Barbara Nelson (Idaho Falls, ID), 1:16:27.8
  2. Stephanie Anderson (Grand Junction, CO), 1:16:52.3
  3. Angela Harris (Anchorage, AK), 1:18:59.9
  4. Nikki Swinton (Edmonton, AB, Canada), 1:23:34.5
  5. Jamie Rasmussen (Ogden, UT), 1:44:06.5
  6. Giovanna Santovito-Carducci (Orofino, ID), 1:52:05.2

Women 55-59

  1. Kris Rostas (Appleton, WI), 1:13:25.6
  2. Mary Ann Cuvilier (St. Albert, AB, Canada), 1:14:21.4
  3. Debbie Boots (Anchorage, AK), 1:16:41.9
  4. Denise Brown (Idaho Falls, ID), 1:24:45.8
  5. Joan Legacy (Brantford, ON, Canada), 1:25:23.7
  6. Donna Pope (Sandy, UT), 1:37:03.1
  7. Bonnie Hilton (Herriman, UT), 1:37:35.7
  8. Karen Rokich (Cincinnati, OH), 1:39:36.3
  9. Judy Johnston (Toquerville, UT), 1:39:51.1
  10. Karrie Averett (Eagle Mountain, UT), 1:49:22.9

Women 60-64

  1. Sara Staker (Mount Pleasant, UT), 1:22:26.9
  2. Jeannine Hale (West Jordan, UT), 1:23:01.5
  3. Sylvia Marlin (Waterford, MI), 1:26:47.6
  4. Mary Scott (Kearns, UT), 1:27:11.8
  5. Suzanne Martin (Farmington, UT), 1:31:56.9
  6. Christine Clayton (Tucson, AZ), 1:35:41.3
  7. Patricia Leblanc (Fairmont, WV), 1:45:11.0
  8. Lisa Davis (St. George, UT), 1:48:37.2

Women 65-69

  1. Donna Ingle (Las Vegas, NV), 1:19:28.9
  2. Marti Davis (St. George, UT), 1:27:28.5
  3. Vicki Linton (Salt Lake City, UT), 1:35:26.7
  4. Judy Jennings (Orangevale, CA), 1:35:37.1
  5. Diana Ready (Mt. Vernon, OH), 1:40:25.0
  6. Maureen Feher (Lindon, UT), 1:50:05.2
  7. Patricia Ault (St. George, UT), 1:56:08.7
  8. Elaine Harrison (Stansbury Park, UT), 1:57:48.7

Women 70-74

  1. Paula Larsen (Delafield, WI), 1:22:43.6
  2. Virginia Krantz (Orem, UT), 2:11:21.2
  3. Pat Lillehei (Minneapolis, MN), 2:13:44.6

Women 75-79

  1. Elizabeth Thomas (Tubac, AZ), 1:57:58.8
  2. Geraldine Faessler-Gray (Silverton, OR), 2:18:53.6

Women’s Teams

Comprised of two or three women, teams were placed in categories based on “combined ages” – the total sum of three athletes: 150+, 165+, 180+, 195+, 210+, 225+, and 240+. This was the same for men’s and mixed (male and female) teams.

Women 165-179

  1. Jamie Knoph (Greeley, CO), Diane Shanklin (Santa Clara, UT) & Denise Allen (St. George, UT), 1:07:54.7
  2. Andrea Richman (Centerville, UT), Jill Madsen (Centerville, UT) & Tina Ellis (Centerville, UT), 1:21:26.3

Women 180-194

  1. Bonnie Spackman (Mayfield, UT), Cynthia Litson (Santa Clara, UT) & Doreen Finley (Washington, UT), 2:16:21.0

Women 240-300

  1. Flora Wong (Helena, MT),  Judy Gubler (Ivins, UT) & Dorothy Houston (Santa Clara, UT), 2:07:57.0
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