Who are You to Say You Can’t?

I don’t consider myself “amazing” or “exceptional” so when people say I am, I’m always taken aback…but I have learned to say “Thank you” for the compliment.

A neighbor recently told me she marvels at my ability to work on home improvement projects with my husband. She couldn’t imagine “lugging around” lumber or full five-gallon paint buckets, much less holding a small beam overhead while it’s being secured into place.

I admit while it’s not easy, not everything is as heavy as a 40-pound paint bucket. But I do all this work because I want to.

I’ve always enjoyed building things from bird houses to dog houses and garden plots in between. Laying pavers or mixing concrete in a wheelbarrow definitely is not fun but I sure do enjoy the results.

I also enjoy helping Cliff. As annoying as it is to him with all my questions, I’ve learned a lot about construction, the reasoning behind doing things a certain way, and, of course, how specific tools make the job easier to complete.

But I couldn’t do half of those tasks if it weren’t for the strength training sessions I’ve done this past year. I feel so much stronger right now than I did eight years ago when I started on this fitness journey. I bet I could become stronger than I was in my twenties if I made strength training a true priority.

I think the real reason behind my ability to help with home improvement projects – plus my race walking, cycling, and triathlon efforts – is because I believe I can.

That belief gives me the “permission” needed to go for it.

So, what is it you would love to do but are telling yourself you can’t? Write that answer down.

Looking at those words, now ask yourself, “Who am I to say I can’t [insert what you want to do]?”

Today start your journey to “I can” by simply saying “Yes” – give yourself permission despite feeling scared, doubtful or resistant.

Who knows how much fun you’ll enjoy running, cycling, dancing, hula hooping, or painting a house!

About Bonnie Parrish-Kell

Publisher & Chief Diva here at Slowpoke Divas. I always feel better after a good workout or matter how sore I am afterwards. Tweet me @bparrishkell or @slowpokedivas. Instagram: @slowpokedivas