It’s Official: Time for Jitters, Can-do Thinking

Color photo senior woman on bike Huntsman World Senior Games

Well, I finally got off the fence…though I’m not sure whether to cheer or say “Yikes!”

Today I signed up for the Division IV (novice) 5K hill climb and the 20K time trial cycling events at the Huntsman World Senior Games, set for Oct. 10 and Oct. 11, respectively. I can feel those pre-race butterflies starting to flutter. They’re going to spark a range of thoughts from “What was I thinking?” to “This is gonna be fun!”

Yes, I’ve been on my bike several times over the last couple of months. In all probability I’ll successfully finish both races, barring technical problems such as flat tires or falling ill before the events. But my confidence level is average…at the moment. Ask me again in 10 minutes, a week and a month from now, and again a week before the first race. My answers will range 180 degrees.

Because I’ve paid good money to participate in these races, it’s time for me to get serious.

  • Time for no excuses.
  • Time to get focused and disciplined.
  • Time to put in quality training on the indoor trainer and on the road.
  • Time to eat well and sleep well every day.
  • Time to think thoughts full of positive energy.

I also know it’s time for that inner three-year-old to raise a ruckus, buck the plan, and want to do anything else except prepare for the races. Why?

I. Have. No. Idea.

Well, actually I do. I don’t remember the source, but I heard that humans do things and think things to keep themselves “safe” from harm. Safe from disappointment, failure, ridicule, even success and satisfaction besides tigers, bears, and quick sand. The mind set is different for everyone. So when I don’t make do a workout, skip a group class, or eat a piece of (gluten-free) chocolate cake, I’m simply being human.

Oh, how I’d love to be a Vulcan, sometimes! We humans are simply weird and wacko, in my ever so humble opinion.

Choices & Decisions

The Huntsman World Senior Games offers two more cycling events that I could have entered but chose to pass on.

I’d love to enter the 37K road race (the course is beautiful!) but I definitely know I physically do not have the mileage foundation for that distance and its course (hills including at one killer climb and another long climb). To do this, I will have to seriously train for a full year so I’m strong enough. I don’t just want to finish a race, I want to be happy with how I crossed that finish line!

I also passed on the 16K criterium because I’m very inexperienced riding with a group of other riders. Again, I don’t have the mileage base for four straight days of racing totally 78 kilometers or 48.5 miles. But I plan to be there on those race days to watch and cheer on the athletes.

Plus, I want to have five days to rest up for my 1500m and 5K race walks the following week.

I am planning on watching the mountain bike hill climb and down hill, just to see what that sport is all about.

Learn more

I’d love it if you joined me either in a race or at an event! It’s always more fun cheering on sporting events with friends.

The Huntsman World Senior Games offers 29 sports competition plus walking tours of the greater St. George area. Registration ends Friday, Sept. 1, 2017. For more information including accommodations and activities, go to

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