Choosing Strength Over Skinny: My Favorite Magazine Covers

shawn towne on the cover of STRONG magazine

Shawn Towne months before her 50th birthday, appearing on the cover of the Nov./Dec. 2016 issue of STRONG Magazine.

Whenever I pass the magazine racks in the grocery store or bookstore, there’s at least one women’s magazine with some scantily-dressed young woman (usually white and blonde) on the cover. The pose is…hmm, how shall I describe it? “Sexy”? “Slutty”? Well, definitely “Skinny”! I could easily launch into a long tirade about how sexism, body shaming, photoshopping, and other techniques are used to sell products and services to young women. My reaction is even worse when it comes to how we maturing women are depicted in ads, entertainment, and pop culture.

Is it any wonder why the majority of American women suffer from poor self-esteem, and low self-confidence?

But I’m not going to go down that bumpy road in this post. Instead, I want to celebrate the moments when strong, fit women are showcased (and in not-so suggestive poses either).

On the cover of STRONG Magazine is Shawn Towne, who in her mid-forties, started on a journey to improved fitness and a healthier lifestyle. In 2014, at age 47, she stepped onto the stage in her first bikini fitness competition, a type of judged bodybuilding event. She was 49 when she was featured in the magazine.

You can see more of my favorites on the Slowpoke Divas’ “Favorite Magazine Covers” board on Pinterest. I have several more to pin (a.k.a. add) so feel free to follow me there.

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  1. Thanks, Sandy! Humans are meant to move in order to be healthy and happy. We women — no matter our age, genetic makeup, etc. — can celebrate the awesomeness of our bodies, no matter their shape, speed, or athletic ability. Let’s just have fun playing!

  2. Awesome!! This is what I’m talking about! Some of us weren’t meant to be skinny tiny little frail things. Some of us were meant to be athletic!