Election Day: Exercise Your Right to Vote & Follow These Rules

Clark County "I Voted" sticker

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to take time today to exercise your right to vote. This is your chance to walk, skip, jog, run, ride your bike, skateboard, or roller skate to your polling place!

Remember, choosing your state and local candidates and ballot measures are just as important as choosing candidates for Congress and the presidency.

Then follow these rules whether you’re hosting or attending an Election Night party:

  • Don’t drink alcohol…even if the election results aren’t what you were hoping for. You’ll save calories and friendships!
  • Skip high carb pizzas, pretzels, chips and dips. Again, you’ll save calories while watching dippy pundits on TV.
  • Breathe to remain calm, cool, and collected. Repeat as necessary.

One last rule: Tomorrow, get out and exercise your right to feel good and enjoy your favorite activity. You’ve earned it!

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Diva-in-Chief and Publisher of Slowpoke Divas who always feels better after a good workout or matter how sore she may become. Tweet me @bparrishkell

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