Challenge Yourself This Holiday Season

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Are you worried that this holiday season will be just like every other one? You know, when you give up on your health goals and give in to caloric temptations? When you step on the scale on January 1 and see you’ve gained three, four, five, even ten pounds since Thanksgiving?

If you believe you can’t escape the allure of all the decadent holiday foods and treats (from mashed potatoes and gravy to candy canes and chocolate chip cookies), then it’s time to change your thinking.

My two-part challenge to you (and me!) is actually quite easy to start and to gather momentum because it builds on each small success.

  1. One Less Bite: Let’s start by eating one less bite of any sugar- and fat-laden food. Eat one less cookie, one less piece of candy, one less drink. Serve yourself one scoop of mashed potatoes and a half ladle of gravy. Take the edge off your appetite by munching on some veggies before heading out to a holiday dinner party. Have unsweetened hot tea instead of hot cocoa.
  2. One More Step: Take a short ten- or fifteen-minute walk at three times a day. If time allows, go longer. Your mood will certainly improve, you will burn a few more calories, and you’ll be improving your chances of not increasing your pant size by New Year’s Day.

Want more of a challenge? Get a friend to join you! Check your local area for healthy holiday programs to join.

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As in years past, I signed up for my coach’s holiday fitness challenge here in Las Vegas. Sure, many of my Team XCELL pals (from Ironman triathletes to cyclists to fitness enthusiasts) are striving to points to win prizes but that’s not my goal. My objective is to stay active, keep up with my strength training and walking regimen, and not to gain any weight by New Year’s Day. The program and my friends will keep me accountable, thereby increasing my chances of success…plus it’s simply lots more fun.

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