Updated: 2016 Women’s Only Bike Rides in the U.S.

screenshot of Tour De Ladies logo and two female cyclists

How lucky can we be, Divas? I found three more bike rides today while updating my popular 2016 Women’s Only Bike Rides blog post. With confirmation of event dates, we now have more than 25 events to choose from!

Sadly, one bike ride has been cancelled and I’m waiting for a response about the status of another ride. I’ll keep you posted. (Note: No word as of May 11).

After looking at all the women’s only bike rides set for 2016, I’m having trouble deciding which one (or more) to sign up for. Help me out by letting me know which ones you like the most! Simply list ’em (and why) in the comments section below.

Yes, I will keep your response confidential if you prefer. Thanks!


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