ABC, NBC Refuse to Air Lane Bryant’s #ThisBody TV Commercial

Spotted this trending on Facebook today: According to, the celebrity gossip website, ABC and NBC refuse to air retailer Lane Bryant’s new #ThisBody commercial because the spot (shown above) does not meet broadcast’s indecency policies. Allegedly, NBC will air the commercial if an edit is made. However, both broadcasters do air similar types of commercials from companies such as Victoria’s Secret.

Lane Bryant, a fashion retailer for plus-sized women, features Ashley Graham and other plus-sized models as strong, confident, and – yes – sexy women. The company is getting thousands of shares, likes, and comments on its Facebook page about its commercial.

After watching the above ad, I believe it’s so much more respectful and empowering for women of any shape or size than those of Victoria’s Secret, major perfume companies, and the like.

I think two issues exist here:

  1. American culture is obsessed with being young, skinny, and oh-so-sexy. So it’s fine to watch bouncy, saucy babes with “Come f-ck me”-type of facial expressions strut about in almost-nothing lingerie. But to show women of size as happy, self-confident, physically strong and flexible, capable of kickboxing, and <gulp!> just being sexy? Oh my god, quick, cover your eyes and protect your children! (Yes, I’m being very sarcastic with that last line).
  2. That same American culture embraces breasts as sexual objects but not for feeding babies…as nature intends. When women post pictures of themselves breastfeeding their babies, especially in public, the Internet breaks (yes, more sarcasm). It’s probably that very brief shot of a woman breastfeeding an infant in the commercial that is prompting NBC’s alleged edit request.

Personally, I would have loved to see a plus-sized woman over 40 in the ad as well but I applaud what Lane Bryant has done.

So, after watching this TV ad, what do you think, Divas? Share your thoughts below or on the Slowpoke Divas Facebook page.


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  1. I love Lane Bryant unreservedly. They were the only company making clothing where I could walk into their store and know from the start that I’d never have to get that sinking, ashamed, that’s not in my size because I’m fat feeling. I got that feeling a lot in other stores walking past the cute clothes, the feeling that sometimes had me wanting to cry but instead I’d put on a serious expression and just walk over to the ugly clothing section, right by the nurse scrubs and the maternity clothing. You know the section.

    It’s a good commercial. Less outrageous than the ones featuring guys fighting or violence. Our priorities are so, so skewed as a society.

    • Bonnie Parrish-Kell says:

      I agree 100% with you, Anne! You’d think fashion designers, clothing makers, and retailers would know that women come in a variety of shapes and sizes and then create styles we’d love to wear. Thankfully, Lane Bryant understands this and provides options for most tastes. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!