Popular Women’s Only Triathlons Either Discontinued or No Set Dates for 2016

I’m happy to report several popular women’s only triathlons that were on an earlier version of this post will return in 2016 including Triathamom in Utah and Montana Women’s Triathlon. They’ve been placed on my 2016 Women’s Only Triathlons & Duathlons in the U.S. & Canada post.

If you know of any updates and corrections, please drop me a line with complete details.

Updated Feb. 18, 2016

Discontinued women’s only triathlons

Color logo of Barb's Race

  • Barb’s Race, Windsor, California
    • In 2015, the World Triathlon Corporation purchased the Vineman race series and has no plans of continuing this popular women’s only long distance triathlon.

Iron Girl Seattle 2015 screen image

Triathlons & Duathlon’s Without Confirmed 2016 Dates

  • Girl Power Triathlon, sprint. New Orleans, LA.
    • Shows 2015’s event date of Sept. 27
  • Na Wahine Women’s Triathlon & Duathlon, Honolulu, Hawaii.
    • This site hasn’t been updated since before last year’s event
  • See Jane Run Women’s Triathlon & Duathlon, sprint. Pleasanton, California.
    • Shows 2015’s event date of Sept. 27
  • Spa Girl Triathlon series,
    • Phoenix Triathlon, sprint. Phoenix, Arizona
      • Event not listed on website
    • Dallas Triathlon, sprint. Dallas, Texas
      • No date, only “Summer 2016”
  • Skeese Greets Women’s Tri, sprint. Austin, Texas.
    • Note: Home page shows message “Down for Maintenance. Skeese Greets is closed until further notice.”
  • Strathmore Women’s Triathlon, Duathlon & Triathlon Relay, Strathmore, Alberta, Canada.
    • Shows TBA for 2016 race date
  • Tri-Diva Tri, super sprint & sprint. Olds, Alberta, Canada.
    • Shows TBA for 2016 race date
  • Trifitness Women’s Triathlon, sprint & duathlon. Norwalk, Connecticut. Go to the race page
    • The event was cancelled in 2015 but website indicates return in 2016
  • Y-TriDu5K Ladies Sprint Triathlon, Duathlon & 5K. York, Pennsylvania. Go to the race page here
    • The race link under Events on the YWCA’s home page indicates 2016, however the race page contains 2015 event info
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