Yoga: It’s for Every Body


Color photo of Ja variation of pincha mayurasana by Jessamyn

Jessamyn doing a variation of pincha mayurasana, a balancing pose on the forearms.

Back when I was going to a yoga class at my local gym, I was often one of the, um, “full-bodied” women in class. Because I lacked flexibility and the necessary strength to hold a pose for longer than 10 seconds, I felt pretty awkward. I couldn’t help but compare myself to everyone else, especially those young skinny gals who seemed as flexible as cooked noodles and as strong as oxen.

Given that the majority of models appearing in advertising for various yoga products and services are young and lithe is it any wonder why I felt so out of place?

But practicing yoga is just that, a practice that improves balance, strength, flexibility, mood, health, and so much more. Nowhere in the tenets of yoga does it say that older, larger and stiff women can’t learn and practice yoga.

It’s our own self-consciousness a.k.a. lack of self-confidence that stops us. If 75 percent of women in the U.K. don’t exercise because they’re worried about what others think about them, then I wouldn’t be surprised if the percentage is much higher for women here in the U.S.!

Take a look at the strength and beauty of this woman, Jessamyn, and others doing challenging yoga poses. Let her inspire you to get on the mat and improve your fitness and health. I am now one of her newest followers!

For more inspirational photos, use the keywords “curvy yoga,” “body positive yoga,” and “fat girl yoga” (I despise the last one!) in your favorite search engine. Let me know what inspires you!

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