Say Yes to Yoga No Matter Your Weight or Size

As we Divas “mature,” our bodies change…most often in ways we don’t like or want!

We see extra weight gather around our bellies, butts, thighs, upper arms, and seemingly weird places such as backs and calves. We hear our inner critic rant on with ridicule, sarcasm, and even hate. If we listen long enough, then we believe its untruths. We think people will laugh or berate us for wearing fitness clothes or at our clumsy attempts to learn the Zumba dance steps or how to hit a ball with a bat or racket.

The only truth is that carrying extra weight does make it harder for us to move.

That especially true for yoga. We immediately compare ourselves to those images of young contortionists in pretzel-like positions.

color photo of woman in contortionist-type yoga pose

We reason that we can’t “do yoga” because we’re not skinny enough, young enough, mobile enough, or limber enough.

All that is SIMPLY NOT TRUE!

I read the “Yoga for Every Size” article on and came away with a few ideas on how to make Downward Facing Dog, Chair Pose, forward bends, and even Pigeon Pose easier to manage yet still enjoy their benefits.

The Pigeon Pose alternative is similar to one of my favorite poses, the Number 4 stretch.

color photo of woman doing a stretch called Number 4

The takeaway from this: Don’t let your body size dictate what you can’t do. Do it anyway!

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