Fitness Friday: Adopting a Positive Attitude Toward Weight Loss

Too often we Divas look at our weight loss efforts as a serious endeavor with a mindset filled with appreciation, deprivation, and self-sabotaging thoughts such as “I can’t do this!” or “It’s gonna be so hard!”

But what if we changed our mindset? What if we looked at the effort as something fun?

Yes, you read that right — let’s make it fun!

My triathlon and fitness coach, Jackie Arcana, is starting a program to help her clients lose some weight but in a lighthearted, even satirical approach. It’s called the Boulder Beach Body Challenge, named after the area at Lake Mead used for triathlon races and open-water swimming practice.

XCELL's Boulder Beach Body Challenge event poster

While poking a bit of fun at the shallow images of overdeveloped muscles, out-of-proportion body shapes, and narcissistic egos, the challenge is set up to encourage folks to take a proactive and positive approach to losing weight.

I’ve signed up with a simple goal of continuing to eating and drinking healthy foods, watching out for sugar, and working toward my fitness goals (like doing a half marathon later in the year). I’ve already emailed Jackie a photo of my starting weight using my home scale.

Want to join the program but don’t live in the Las Vegas, Nevada area? No problem! Jackie works with many out-of-area clients to help them achieve their athletic and healthy lifestyle goals.

Contact Jackie directly at either 702-376-0437 or for more information.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this with your peeps! The focus is on what you do RIGHT!

    • Thanks, Jackie! As we’ve chatted before, taking a positive approach to obtaining a health or fitness goal is key to success. Sometimes we just have to get out of our own way. Can’t wait to see what my ending weight will be on/around March 15. đŸ™‚

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