Grocery Shopping Mistakes Can Add Unwanted Calories & Fat

This is not my potato salad. We dived into my preparation before I could take a photo of it. .

During the Fourth of July weekend, I make a big mistake at the grocery store, an error filled with plenty of carbs and fat.

I could easily have prevented it, too, with a little forethought and preparing a shopping list.

Here’s what happened:

Few salads celebrate the summer holiday like egg-y, mayonnaise-y, oh-so-yummy potato salad. It’s a perfect side dish for pretty much anything baked or barbecued. It’s what I grew up with so…

Because I was only going to make enough salad for my husband and me for a couple meals, I picked up two organic Russet potatoes plus a dozen cage-free eggs and fresh organic green onions (the latter for other uses).

Even though my mom always used Best Foods® mayonnaise, I switched to Vegannaise® mayo many years ago. It’s a healthier yet tasty alternative. For this salad, I decided to try the GMO-free, vegan Hampton Creek Just Mayo®* I picked up from Costco after sampling it.

“So what’s the problem?” you ask.

No problem…until I spotted cooked Oregon shrimp on sale. “Oh man, that would be perfect for a shrimp pasta salad!” I thought.

So I eagerly bought almost a pound of the shrimp because, you see, I like having more shrimp than pasta in the salad. Just add some eggs, mayo – of course – dill, and some paprika. Oh, yes, some gluten-free pasta shells. Delicious!

Yes, I completely forgot about my plans to make potato salad.

<Thump on the forehead in frustration>

The next day, I made the potato salad. As I was putting it into the refrigerator, my eye caught sight of the packaged shrimp. Oh kwap! Because the shrimp has already been frozen once, I couldn’t refreeze it.

What did I do? Make shrimp pasta salad…not thinking, until now, that I could have done something else with the shrimp.

<Another thump on the forehead>

I could have given either one of my culinary creations to one of my neighbors or simply tossed the salad. But I abhor wasting food, especially oh-so-yummy-in-the-tummy food.

So my hubby and I are now on Day 3 of eating these salads at lunch or dinner. We’re taking smaller portions of each so the total adds up to what our usual serving is.

However, the weight scale tells me that my “portion-control plan” may not be working. That means I’ve got to move more to burn off more calories…

Do you think I’ve learned my lesson and will, forever more, pre-plan my week’s meals, write a grocery list, and have it with me?

If I’m lucky!


* Note: The 64-ounce container of Hampton Creek Just Mayo was priced under $5 at Costco, compared to a 16-ounce jar of Vegannaise for about the same price at Whole Foods, Sprouts Market, or Natural Foods. It proved pretty good in my salads. I thought it was comparable to Vegannaise in nutrition and fat content. More about that later.

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