In Order to Win You First Have to Show Up

Photo: Bonnie Parrish-Kell wins five medals in track events at 2014 Mesquite Senior Games

When I participated in several track events at the Mesquite Senior Games on April 12, 2014, I wanted to accomplish three things:

  • Start and finish each event
  • Have fun no matter my race times
  • Win a medal

Are you thinking “Oh, that’s easy to do” or “Come on, can’t you be more ambitious than that?”

Well, that’s what my inner critic said too.

The problem is this: if I set goals much bigger than what I’m physically prepared to do, then I am setting myself up for disappointment and failure.

As a recovering perfectionist (and I really don’t think I’m even in the “recovery” phase yet), I know all too well how my drive to be perfect will literally squelch my enthusiasm.*

So, for instance, if I told myself I’d win the 50 meter dash despite not having times close to past winning times, what do you think would probably happen? Not only would I not win the race but I might be dead last…as I was in each of my races last Saturday.

And my ol’ inner critic would go off on a tirade with irrational rants such as “Who are you trying to fool?”, “Why didn’t you train harder?”, “You call that running?”, and so on.

Even if my 50 meter dash time was close to past winning times, that doesn’t mean I’d win. Someone else much faster will show up. Then what can I do?

The only thing I can do: Show up, do my best and have fun.

Wondering how the heck I won medals if I was last in every one of my races? That’s because the 400 meter and 1500 meter power walks combined the men’s and women’s fields due to the number of participants. Also, awards were given based on age groups.

Here are my results:

  • 50 meter sprint- 14.1 seconds
  • 100 meter sprint – 28.8 seconds
  • 200 meter spring – 1:17.1 minutes
  • 400 meter power walk – 3:35.1 minutes
  • 1500 meter power walk – 15:21.8 minutes



*It’s taken me a long time to get Slowpoke Divas off the ground because…I want it to be perfect. I’m working on getting over that and just have fun!


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