2013 Ironman World Championships – Race Results: Women 40-44 Age Group

Women 40-44 Age Group: 89 entered / 84 finished the race

Congratulations to these and all the triathletes who competed and stayed tough right through the finish. You inspire us!

Top 3 “Beat the Clock” finishers:

  1. Denise Fejtek, USA, 15:37:40
  2. Shannon Ouellette, CAN, 15:05:37
  3. Beth Bluestein, USA, 14:52:00

The top three women in the age group:

  1. Susanne Davis, USA, 09:41:40
  2. Tracy Cook, GBR, 09:46:33
  3. Nicole Bretting, DEU, 10:01:56


*Beat the Clock is our term here at Slowpoke Divas that means crossing the finish line before race officials close the course or end the race.

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