When Race Day Weather Isn’t What You’ve Trained For

B'ham - walkin' in the rain caption with image of rain drops in a puddle,For months, I’ve been training for a half marathon not where I live but in Washington State. Now, two days from the big day, I’m faced with a dilemma — do I participate in the race knowing that it will be raining, windy and temps in the mid-50s? That’s the type of weather I can’t prepare for living in Las Vegas, Nevada!

I can wear rain gear to stay dry but what about my shoes and feet? My toes tend to blister up when they get damp with sweat or from the swim segment of a triathlon.

This simply means I have figure things out, prepare and then be okay with whatever decision I make come race morning. Being flexible and willing to change plans are key traits to have, not just when it comes to fitness but to life.

Stay tuned to find out what I decide to do — it may even surprise me!

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