Hot Summer Temperatures + Swollen Feet = Buy New Shoes

Women's Brooks Glycerin 11 in hot pink

When you’ve got sore toes and want a new pair of shoes quickly, then sometimes you don’t have a choice in colors.

It’s been really hard for me to stay motivated to train for my first half marathon coming up in late September. The summer heat here in Las Vegas, Nevada just zaps me, especially when daytime temps hit 119 degrees on my patio and oh-dark-thirty temps are in the low 90s.

Add those hot summer temps with all my walkin’, shufflin’, joggin’ and we get swollen feet.

As the feet swell, the tighter our shoes get and bruising and blisters can occur.

The nail on the toe next to the big toe on my right foot got super-sensitive to touch. That’s because the toe was literally hitting the wall and roof of the shoe.

The only thing that made the swelling go down was soaking my feet in icy water. Believe me, it felt great (because it’s so hot) but the effects don’t last long (because it’s so hot!).

I got to the Village Runner running shoe store in Henderson just before they closed. Luckily, they had a pair of Brooks Glycerin 11s a half-size larger than my normal size…just not in my preferred shade of blue.

But these hot pink shoes will certainly increase my visibility during those o-dark-thirty workouts.

So learn from my experience: always check where your toes are in your shoes. It can help you avoid hurting your tootsies and sense of color.


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