Age & Swimsuits: Double Standards for Women

Screenshot of video of Independence, MO woman who claimed Adventure Oasis staff told her to cover up or leave.

Independence, MO woman claims Adventure Oasis staff told her to cover up or leave.

In early July, Madelyn Sheaffer said she was told to cover up or leave by staff at Adventure Oasis in Independence, Missouri. They apparently thought her bikini revealed too much skin, though younger thinner women at the pool could be seen wearing similar styles of swimwear.

I believe this is yet another example of how brainwashed American society, that only young, wafer-thin females can wear swimwear and that full-figured women should be ashamed of their bodies.

For the last 70-some-odd years, we’ve been bombarded with messages designed to make us feel inadequate or unfulfilled if we don’t own this, that or the other thing.

For instance, do you really need a Coach®, Gucci®, or  Louis Vitton® purse? No, because, like other purses, they’re things to stash your stuff.  You want that designer bag to fulfill some emotional need that’s been exacerbated by the advertising of these products.

So fellow Divas, ignore the small-minded people and all the social myths — wear what makes YOU feel good!


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